Cash Tickets

Illiana Cash Tickets:

Print up to 3 lines of imprint information
Guaranteed 99.9% MICR readability
CT-30 (shown without an amount box)
CT-30L (with a lower amount box)
CT-30H (with a higher amount box)
CT-31 (shown without an amount box)
CT-31L (with a lower amount box)
CT-32 (shown without an amount box)
CT-32L (with a lower amount box)
CT-33 (shown without an amount box)
CT-33L (with a lower amount box)
CT-34 (shown without an amount box)
CT-34L (with a lower amount box)
CT-35L (shown with a lower amount box)
CT-35 (without an amount box)
CT-A1 (shown without a notation box)
CT-N1 (with a notation box)
  • Size: 2 3/4″ X 6″
  • Colors: White, Pink, Blue, Canary, Green
  • Parts: Single-Part Forms
  • Paper: MICR Bond
  • Minimum Order: 2,500 per teller
  • Normal Order: 5,000 per teller
  • Economy Order: 10,000 per teller
  • To order a part same carbonless no stub duplicate change the “CT” to a “DT

Variable Information:

  • Financial Institution’s Imprint
  • MICR Codeline
  • Cash In/Cash Out
  • Cash In Debit/Cash Out Credit
  • Teller Number
  • Auxiliary Line Available