Checks @ Illiana

All checks are available in unit sets with snap-out carbon, continuous form, or laser formats (cut sheets). Please call for details: 800.942.2240. Note about MICR specs: MICR may be printed the same for all piles, or may differ according to your needs. MICR consecutive numbering is available in either the auxiliary on-us field or the primary on-us field. Please submit a sample of your current check, or furnish a spec sheet.

Cashiers Checks

Cashier’s Check with Lines


Cashier’s Check without lines

Bank Draft with lines

Bank Draft without lines

Money Order with lines

Money Order without lines

Personal Money Order with lines

Personal Money Order with lines

Certificate of Deposit

Window Check

Standard Lithographed Backgrounds

Gray to Pink Background


Blue to Tan Background

Custom Official Checks

Tiled Logo


Center Logo

Teal to Beige Background


  • Safty Paper Colors:
  • Pink, Blue, Yellow, Green, Gray
  • Minimum Order: 500 – multiples of 1,000

Unit sets, Laser Cut Sheet or Continuous